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Phase I: SEO Baseline Creation and Rapid Site Evaluation

This is a one-time annual activity that we recommend to optimize the website for SEO and conduct a competitive analysis to identify SEO optimization requirements. In SEO Health Check and Rapid Site Optimization step we:

a. Your Current Website Analysis for SEO: Our experienced Internet Marketing experts will scrutinize the website, spot the areas to be worked upon for increased traffic and propose changes to content, code and any other issues that are affecting or can affect your website’s performance.

In Phase II, we work with you define what recommendations to implement sooner than later. Many Website owners are missing out on a major marketing prospect as their Website is not visible in the natural search engine listings. The design, site structure, internal linking, and HTML code of your Web site impacts search engine optimization and rankings and hence the website should be made search engine friendly. Following are select processes that we undertake to optimize your website:

· Content optimization: Search Engine Content Optimization is the perfect blend of Research, Technology, Creativity and Perception. Professional and focused SEO content writers at EDS will make the content of your website key phrase rich and increase the keyword density on the pages that require them.

· Page and link renaming: Increase the key phrase density by renaming the pages & the relevant links according to the key phrase targeted and allowing the Search Engine Spiders to rank your pages a lot higher.

· XML Site-map update / creation: Site Map is the essence of your website. They act as the direction to search engine crawlers for your website. A full text based site map is crucial in making the site search engine friendly. The more your website is visible, the better chances you have to gain high rankings in search engines.

· Tagging: EDS regularly updates the Title, Keyword and Description tags for every individual page of your website. Hence, diverse key words can be targeted to different pages and eventually enhancing the rankings and driving quality traffic to your website.

· Supplementary Navigation Bar: The target pages should link to all the pages of your website. This can be attained by execution of a textual navigation bar (at the bottom of each page). The easier and handier it is for search engines to get in and scan your website, the more quality traffic they are going to bring to your website. Hence, the crawler should be provided as many places to scan your website as possible.

· HTML Coding Validation & Correction: Search engine crawlers prefer W3C standards with respect to HTML coding standards. A website made according to the W3C standard optimistically influences the search engine rankings especially in BING.

· Robots.txt: Robots.txt is a file that tells the robot (spider) that which files it may spider (download). This system is called, The Robots Exclusion Standard. Search engines will look for a root domain for a special file named “robots.txt” (

· Image Optimization: In order for websites to be accessible, every image on the particular page should have an ALT tag that distinguishes the image exactly, and also repeats any text that is in that image.

· URL Architecture: Search Engines give more magnitude to the links which are absolute rather than relative links and hence positively influences Search Engine Rankings.

· 301 Permanent Redirect: “301” translates to “moved permanently”. If you are thinking to move a page on your web site by renaming it; there are a couple of important points to judge: The most important issue is that in-case that particular page you are planning to rename has a good search engine ranking already, or may have been bookmarked by your visitors; all your hard work can go in vain. Search Engines take months to refresh their listings, so any visitor clicking on a search engine result may be severely frustrated if they don’t arrive on the page on your site. 301redirect is the best method to preserve your current search engine rankings when redirecting web pages or a website.

· Inbound Links: An Inbound Link is a hypertext link to a page from another site, bringing traffic to that page. Ideally, we should give the spider as many ways of reaching a page as possible. One of the ways this can be done is by giving links from content.

· Google Site map: The Google Sitemap Protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available for crawling. Webmasters can place a Sitemap-formatted file on their Web server which enables Google crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site accordingly.

b. Conduct Key Phrase Analysis: Here we ask you to provide key phrases that you would like to be used for SEO and ask you for two competitors’ name. We analyze the key phrases provided by you and the key phrases used by your competitors, to provide you with key phrases to be used in Phase II. The Key Phrase Analysis also creates the baseline of your current performance and is used to measure the value that we provide.

c. Define Linking and Submission Opportunities: Linking and submissions are key factors in generating traffic and ranking. We work with you to define linking and submission opportunities for your website.

Based on the above three analysis we create the foundation for executing Phase II: Key Phrase & Link Optimization and SEO Maintenance.

Phase II: Key Phrase & Link Optimization & SEO Maintenance

Key Phrase & Link Optimization & SEO Maintenance is an ongoing maintenance type of activity to increase ranking. Some of the activities include:

· Classification of Keyphrases (1 key phrase may contain up to 5 words)

Using our influential key phrase research tools, we identify the levels of traffic and competitiveness on each key phrase that is likely to be targeted. Grounded on this comprehensive key phrase research you can choose a set of key phrases that appeals you. EDS will meticulously research key phrases for the accurate recognition, the proper selection and the final placement of the right keywords and key phrases on your site which is a determining factor for the rankings the search engines will give you. If chosen correctly, your key phrases will surely yield the return on investment you need!

· Manual submissions

The most commonly used search engine is Google, however it is important not to ignore other search engines such as Yahoo, AOL, BING and Ask Jeeves. By manually submitting your web pages to all the major search engines we make sure that the pages are properly indexed and stand the best possible chance of reaching the top of the rankings.

· Link popularity Link Popularity refers to the number of sites that link to your web pages from various search engines such as Google, BING, HotBot, etc. Many search engines use Link Popularity as a factor for determining page rank. Increasing the amount of quality inbound links to your site makes your site appear more important and more relevant to the search engines, resulting in a higher Page Rank and higher positions.

· Maintenance EDS also provides the maintenance services for the continuous improvements to the existing keyphrases in reaction to changes in Search Engine technologies and enhanced competition for listings.

3.2 Local Search Marketing

Most Businesses are considered local businesses. This means that search engines not only consider what your website says, but where your company is physically located. In order to rank highly your firm needs a strong presence on the websites and business directories where search engines look for this information, that’s where our Local Search Marketing service comes in.

1. Proper setup of your company’s Google Places Page: This free service from Google creates the physical connection between your website and office address. Our expertise in setting up these pages not only creates this connection, but also includes customized data that give’s Google key insights into your company such as Service areas,

2. Propagation To Local Business Directories: Our turnkey service will publish and regularly maintain core information about your Company to hundreds of local business directories including popular megasites like YP, Yelp and Foursquare. This not only enhances your influence in Google, but makes sure that your company’s contact information is consistent across the web.

3. Clean Up of Incorrect Data: If your company has moved, recently opened, then there’s a good chance that bad/incorrect contact information is published. This can lead to lost business. We will seek out and clean up bad data.

3.3 Blog Marketing

Blog marketing for Businesses has become an important aspect of online marketing. Blogging serves two main functions: educating the public and promoting your website to search engines. Even if no one ever reads your blog, the search engines will. Search engines favor websites with fresh content. A larger website that is frequently updated will stand a much better chance of ranking well in the natural search results.

According to a study performed by HubSpot on blog marketing, over 40% of U.S. companies utilize blog writing as part of their marketing mix. Companies that engage in blogging initiatives drive 55% more traffic and ultimately generate increased opportunities for lead generation.

EDS has a staff writer whose sole job is to blog and write content for our clients. Your website will be kept fresh while you do what you do best

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